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Children Should Not Be Using Social Media - 917 Words

Many social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram are used today. There are many children at age 6-12 who use social media. Social media can be a dangerous place to be in. Is it appropriate for children? No, because there is negative, inappropriate, and cruel things on them. From violent videos, to adult films, to inappropriate language. Children at that age should not be using social media. As of today, many children are getting bullied, kidnapped, and murdered. It is unbelievable how many innocent children have been treated. It is sad, this is why children should not be using social media. It will take them to an incorrect path or lose their life. According to ITU, â€Å"The number of people using all social media†¦show more content†¦He grabbed information from her slowly. On December, 2002 was when everything changed for Kacie and her family†¦ Kacie was by herself that day. The predator entered her home, dragged her to a van and drove to a stor age unit. At that moment, he raped Kacie, shot her in the head, and then shot himself. From this day, I never forget Kacie’s story. It touches and reminds me of how the internet can be a dangerous place to be on. Ever since that day of class, I’m very cautious when it comes to social media. That would be a horrific nightmare for any parent losing their child that way. Many children either have been bullied or murdered. They believe that the person they are talking to is there friend. That is why there has been a huge growth of cyber bullying and depression on the young ones. On the news, there is many stories of children who get murdered or bullied because of social media usage. Then they start getting depressed, lonely, or try to commit suicide. There is so many children who only rely on social media. If they don’t get attention or likes, they feel bad about themselves and feel like they are nothing. It is really upsetting. I have a younger sister who is a 7th grader and I really don’t want her to be bullied or think that she does not matter. No child deserves to lose their life at such a young age or be treated like they are nothing. Every child is important and loved by someone. It scares meShow MoreRelatedPromoting Healthy Use Of Media For Children And Adolescents Essay1386 Words   |  6 PagesHealthy Use of Media for Children and Adolescents Nowadays children and adolescents are exposed to intensive media, such as television, radio, music, video games, smart devices, and any internet based social media. Rideout (2015) reported that on any given day, American teenagers (13-18 years old) spend about nine hours on entertainment media use, excluding time spent at school or for homework. Tweens (8-12 years old) use an average of about six hours worth of entertainment media daily. Even thoughRead MoreNegative Effects Of Social Media1743 Words   |  7 Pagesthese people are on their social media accounts. According to Brooke Lusk, the database and media manager for the Prevention Researcher, social media can be defined as, â€Å"an aspect of the internet which allows individuals and groups to create and publish online content, share the content, and interact about it.† These days, people are very involved with the internet and social media. Some think this is a benefit while others think this is a detriment for many r easons. Social media allows people to stayRead MoreHow Social Media Profiles And Get A Hands On Perspective920 Words   |  4 PagesThis is why parents need to create social media profiles and get a hands on perspective of how they work and what they do. By doing this, they can also create a network for their kids and connect them with distant relatives and mentors. Additionally, parents can follow their kids and friend them so everytime they post or comment they can see what they are up to. Kelly Wallace’s article stated previously addresses this parenting problem. To further explain the issue she turns to Marion Underwood,Read MoreIs Social Media Running Our Lives?1733 Words   |  7 PagesIs social media running our lives? Maybe, running our youth’s lives? Social media has become an important part of today’s society, with the power of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. How powerful is it? Powerful enough to become a huge part of how we communicate with each other. As handy and easily accessible as social media is, it is also a dangerous place with the risks of abductions from communicating with strangers and becoming victims of cyberbullying. InRead MoreAge Restrictions On Social Media977 Words   |  4 PagesEven with the dangerous developments in social media over the past several years, many parents have chosen to allow their children to use these sites despite age restrictions. There are three reasons to argue for age restrictions on social media sites: lack of supervision by parents, targeting of children by pedophiles, and the prevalence of children falsifying their age. The ability of pedophiles to conceivably target children with social media proves that this is an issue that parents need to examineRead MoreThe Effects Of Social Media On Society1131 Words   |  5 Pagescloser to a zombie apocalypse of our creation. There is no solid information that proves the use of social media at a you ng age to be damaging. There is also no information proving that it s an advantage in any way as well. Social media is meant to connect a person with their friends and what s going on in the world, but anyone can easily misuse their social media accounts. Having a social media account of any kind is a strong disadvantage not only to a child individually but to the future of ourRead MoreFacebook is one of the most famous social networking services and websites. It launched in February700 Words   |  3 Pages Facebook is one of the most famous social networking services and websites. It launched in February 2004, and it is operated and privately owned by Facebook. As of July 2011, Facebook has more than 800 million active users. People spend a great deal of time sharing private videos and pointless status updates on their profile. We cannot deny the fact that facebook has helped many people learn and stay connected with each other, and has helped to make the world more progressive towards becoming oneRead MoreHow Technology Can Be Dangerous For Youth887 Words   |  4 Pagesour attention and focus is social media. Social media is any communication that can be done using electronics. Not only do older people find themselves immersed in social media, but so do children. This form of technology can be dangerous for youth, tactically imbedding snares, which can easily entangle them. One thing, or person should I say, that children don’t think about when they are networking on social media, is the adult predator. According to the article â€Å"Children Must Be Protected from theRead MoreSocial Media And Its Effect On Society1155 Words   |  5 PagesSocial Media Today, there are just over 3 billion active internet users. Today using social media is the most common activity of children. People have technology right at the tip of their fingers, which isn’t exactly a good thing. Internet use is changing the way people are living their lives, and causing unhealthy addictions. Social networking sites do have a beneficial effect. They make it easier to keep up with their distant friends and family. However, these sites are preventing real life relationshipsRead MoreShould Teenagers Have Social Media Account? Essay1076 Words   |  5 PagesShould Teenagers Have Social Media Account? Social media is the best way to connect with other people which can contact people around the world. Moreover, the social media connect all of the world and not just only in your home country. Most teenagers use social media to meet a new friend or new people. How can one know their children or their teenager use social media in the right way? Many social media generate the applications that support human need also applications are free and easy to register

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