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Medical Marijuana in Pediatric Patients - 1087 Words

Many physicians across North America hesitate to prescribe medical marijuana to their adult patients out of fear, why would they even start considering prescribing it to children . This fear mainly originates from the fact that as medical students in medical school, doctors learn absolutely nothing about prescribing it, therefor, cannot knowledgeably advise patients on dosage and side effects of this medication. This is quite sad considering how much benefits can come from medical marijuana, especially in paediatric care, as it useful, safe and in some cases lifesaving. The stereotype associated with weed forces doctors to second guess the benefits that may come from it. The fact that it is considered a Schedule 1 drug in United States†¦show more content†¦At this point in her life she was using a wheelchair, had heart attacks and had trouble speaking. After trying different medications to control Charlottes seizures, with no results, her mother Page, turned to alternative medicine. She consumes oil, extracted from a medical marijuana strand known as Charlottes Web. Now, two year later she walks, talks, and feeds her self. This particular strain is high in cannabinoids or CBDs, (CBS News). Another paediatric patient, Joey Perez, was diagnosed with autism at only 18 month of age. By the time he was only five years old Joey was taking six different medications, as much as three times a day. By the age of ten he was basically on his death bed, the symptoms of autism, anxiety, OCD, and aggression only worsened. The side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs caused loss of appetite causing malnourishment and he was diagnosed with anorexia, his family watched him withered away. His mother looked for an alternative method, which she refers to as magic brownies. Twelve months later Joey has never been happier and had gained back the weight. In this case , just like the last, the medical marijuana used to medicate the condition was high in CBDs. Joeys mother went on to The Good Morning Show to share her story, in hopes that others can benefit from it, (Sircus, 2). The main concern with medical marijuana use in paediatric patients is the long termShow MoreRelatedMarijuana Should Be Legal For Medicinal Purposes924 Words   |  4 PagesMarijuana Should Be Legal for Medicinal Purposes You may be surprised, but there are many benefits to medical marijuana. Marijuana should only be legal for medicinal conditions because of the benefits to treat diseases and symptoms. The medical conditions would be inflammation, brain injury, etc... Marijuana should be legalized as it’s been recommended by the doctor for the dosage because it is good for other medical conditions such as chronic pain, brain injury, inflammation, and other symptomsRead MoreThe Use Of Marijuana For Medicinal Purposes1345 Words   |  6 PagesAdolescents and adults have access to marijuana as it is easily available behind the scenes these days and it’s about time everybody knows the truth about the uses, effects, purposes, and cures about the devil’s harvest- Marijuana. The use of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes is illegal due to its classification as an illicit drug, but there are some issues that have been established stating and proving that this illicit drug has improved the t reatment for suffering patients by saving their lives and curingRead MoreThe Marijuana Controversy816 Words   |  4 PagesThe Marijuana Controversy The General perspective that society throws on marijuana is that equal to any drug; negative. However, many researchers have found that the effects of marijuana for medicinal purposes can be beneficial to the right patients, as well as the United States government. The negative effects from marijuana use in a medicinal environment are far less than that of most over the counter drugs, while the benefits remain the same. There are instances in which marijuana was legalizedRead MoreThe Role Of A Nurse Practitioner As An Advocate And Teacher1380 Words   |  6 Pagestreating patients. The primary healthcare nurse practitioner (PHCNP) represents a â€Å"unique form of change agent for delivering services differently in a manner giving primacy to health and human complexity while delivering primary care medical services as a means of increasing and maintaining access†(Kooienga Carryer, 2015, p. 806). APNs have emerged as advocates for their community and must rely on evidence- based practice to ensure that they provide quality service. Educating patients and integratingRead MoreColorado s Legal Weed Market984 Words   |  4 Pagesin Colorado passed Amendment 20, which enabled patients and their caregivers to obtain a restricted amount of marijuana from medical dispensaries (Sensible Colorado, n.d). The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment faced legal charges for creating an informal rule prohibiting caregivers from providing medical marijuana to more than 5 patients at a time (Sensible Colorado, n,d). In 2007, Sensible Colorado, Colorado’s medical marijuana distribution system, won the lengthy hearing, andRead MoreBenefits Of Legalizing Medical Marijuana1076 Words   |  5 Pagesas in medical practices. Most parts of life incorporated cannabis of some form. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug made from the cannabis plant. It is sometimes used as a recreational drug by a few individuals, medical ailments and for spiritual purposes a s well. The key element in marijuana is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This psychoactive component is found in the leaves of the plant (Ethan B Russo, 2013). This essay will demonstrates the advantages of legalising medical marijuana suchRead MoreThe Affordable, Least Lethal, Favorable Product : Medical Marijuana, Marijuana Products1350 Words   |  6 PagesMarch 2016 The affordable, least lethal, favorable product: Medical Marijuana, Marijuana products The individuals of the world are being denied natural treatment such as cannabis oil, and medical marijuana natural remedies. That can cure/retrain mental, physical, and emotional ailments. Everyday billions of people are diagnosed with a life changing ailment that possess possible treatments, but at a cost. A cancer patient depending on the stage of the cancer can spend nearly hundreds to thousandsRead MoreLegalization Of Marijuana For Medical Applications1717 Words   |  7 PagesLegalization of Marijuana for Medical Applications: A consideration of aspects of the issue INTRODUCTION In its brief overview of palliative care (Improving palliative care, August 2003), the Institute of Medicine emphasized purpose: â€Å"to prevent or lessen the severity of pain and other symptoms and to achieve the best quality of life for people dying or suffering from a long-term disease† (p. 2). Immediate pain reduction, if not outright elimination, facilitates satisfaction of other, more emotionalRead MoreOverprescribing Of Stimulants For ADHD Case Study969 Words   |  4 Pageschildren (1%) and relatively nonexistent for adolescents and adults. However, from 1980 to 2007, there an 8-fold increase of ADHD prevalence in the Unites States (US). Based on the data from the National Survey of Children’s Health, in 2007, 7.8% of pediatrics aged 4 to 17 years had a diagnosis of ADHD and 4.3% (55% of the diagnosed) conveyed that they are receiving medication for the disorder. Several studies have found overprescribing in some states within the US and underprescribing in others. HoweverRead MoreTaking a Look at Medical Marijuana664 Words   |  3 PagesCannabis has been used for thousands of years for medical, spiritual, and recreational purposes. The medicinal benefits and uses of marijuana are finally being researched by scientists, as the U.S. is starting to legalize medical and recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana clinics operate in 20 states, and its recreational use is now legal in Colorado and Washington, yet researchers haven’t been able to much research on its promising ingredients (Brody 2013). Cannabis is classified as an illegal

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